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Mini Marex

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Electronic Propulsion Control 


The Mini-Marex control system incorporates the latest microprocessor based technology. It is designed for propulsion control on ships such as yachts, pleasure boats, patrol and police boats, workboats, tugs, fishing boats, ferries, and special purpose vessels.

For these applications the Mini-Marex system offers the better alternative to mechanical remote control systems such as cables over pulley, push pull cables, chains, etc.

The new Mini-Marex-E control system is designed for modern electronic input engines and gears.

In addition to the extended software program offering even more possibilities in engine and gear adaptation, new components offer a safe, quick and cost effective installation of the control system. Fully wired control heads are provided with plug connectors.


System configuration

The Mini-Marex E system consists of the following pre-assembled components:


Optional special features


Control Head - type 240         See short Handle Version

Control Unit

DC Servomotor
for mechanical throttle control and for mechanical gear shifting